This newsletter is sometimes updated a lot, sometimes a little. I’ve been gradually moving more of my social media accounts to private, and I’m prioritizing group texts, long email threads, and in-person connection over algorithmically mediated connection and discovery. These days, I spend a lot more of my day not online.

The idea of separating myself into a professional persona and a personal one has always been problematic to me. And so, if you subscribe to this newsletter you’ll find a mix of everything from stock analysis to reading recommendations, startup commentary to pizza and gardening projects. You’ll see pictures of my dogs, my travel, and my chosen family, and you’ll hear about what I’m reading and cooking.

You can read more about my background here:

At the moment paid, subscriptions for A Ticker A Day (where I analyzed a public company daily) are paused and I’m not sure that project is coming back. If that project resumes, I’ll let you know!

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